What I Eat In A Day

By Mimmi Kapell

Hi guys!
A lot of people ask me what I eat in a normal day.

So I made this special video to show exactly what my full day of eating looks like.

I LOVE eating. No matter what you have heard, it's not bad to eat. It's actually healthy and helps you lose weight!
BUT....you have to eat the RIGHT kinds of things. Otherwise you will ruin all the hard work you did in the gym.

Your diet should be different depending on whether you are working out hard trying to build muscle and getting toned, or whether you are trying to lose weight.

If you want more help, or if you want an entire diet plan to gain healthy muscle and get rid of those hard to lose pounds, I have the PERFECT thing for you.

Check out my Nutrition Guide that has helped TONS of girls reach their nutrition goals! 🙂

Mimmi's Nutrition Guide

Mimmi Kapell

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