Mimmi’s 10 Week Full Body Course To Give Put On Muscle And Burn Fat

Booty Challenge

Best Selling Training That Will Take Your Booty To the Next Level. 

5 week Ab Blaster

Mimmi’s Ab Blaster Program to train that tummy and get the abs you’ve always wanted!


Mimmi’s 10 Week Full Body Course To Give Put On Muscle And Burn Fat

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Mimmi’s Cable Workout

Hi girls! I made this special cable booty workout video for you Here’s how to use this. Step 1. Open the cheat sheet. Cheat Sheet


What I Eat In A Day

A lot of people ask me what I eat in a normal day. So I made this special video to show exactly what my full day of eating looks like

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Hur Hittar Man Motivationen?

Det vanligaste problemet är att hitta motivation till träning & hälsa. Hur gör man? Jag tänkte dela med mig utav mina bästa knep för att hitta motivationen!

Discover 3 Shockingly Simple Techniques To make your booty grow WithOUT spending hours at the gym

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Meet Mimmi

Mimmi Kapell has been delivering life-changing results to her personal training clients for almost 4 years. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can and help them revitalize their life through achieving their own personal health and fitness goals.


Mimmi has trained HUNDREDS of women across Sweden.

She then decided to head to Los Angeles on a quest to continue her knowledge in both the fitness & health specialty.  She was able to combine
the best of both the Scandinavian and American forms of health and fitness training and has now returned to Sweden to eagerly reveal what she has discovered, in order to help as many people as she can.


She truly loves helping each and every one her coaching clients.

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“Fit & Healthy is not a destination, it ́s a way of life!”